wish1 [ wıʃ ] verb ***
1. ) transitive wish (that) to want something to happen although it is unlikely:
I wish I was rich!
Andy wished that he could think of a way to help.
I wish Beth would stop trying to be so nice.
a ) used for saying that you feel sorry or disappointed about something that you did or did not do:
I wish I'd never come!
Now he wished that he had listened more carefully.
2. ) intransitive or transitive FORMAL to want something or want to do something:
You may have a look around, if you wish.
You can sit as close to the stage as you wish.
wish to do something: Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to discuss the matter.
3. ) transitive wish someone something used for saying that you hope someone enjoys something or that something good happens to them:
wish someone a Happy Birthday/Merry Christmas etc.: May I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.
wish someone luck/happiness/success: I wish you every success.
a ) wish someone well/ill to say that you hope good/bad things will happen to someone:
The crowd wished them well as they left for their honeymoon.
as you wish SPOKEN FORMAL
used for telling someone that they can do or have whatever they want:
Of course. As you wish, sir.
I don't wish to be rude/ungrateful etc. SPOKEN
used for saying that you hope your comment will not seem rude/ungrateful etc.:
I don't wish to be rude, but I need to get on with my work now.
I wish
1. ) used when telling someone what you want them to do:
I wish you'd stop talking about all your problems!
2. ) used for saying that something is not true, although you would be pleased if it were true:
Did she give you some money? I wish!
not wish something on someone/on your worst enemy
to not want something to happen to someone because it is very bad:
It's such a disgusting task, I wouldn't wish it on anybody.
you wish SPOKEN
used for telling someone that the thing they want to happen is completely impossible:
I told Ben that Sally was my girlfriend. You wish!
,wish a`way phrasal verb transitive
to make something stop or disappear just by expressing a wish:
I would like to wish away all my debts.
`wish for phrasal verb transitive wish for something
1. ) FORMAL to want something:
They do not wish for pity.
What more could anyone wish for?
2. ) to hope that something you want will happen by magic or by the power of your thoughts:
We know what she'll be wishing for on her birthday.
be careful what you wish for (it might just happen)
used for telling someone to think carefully about the changes they would like in their life, as they might not make them any happier
couldn't wish for more/better etc.
used for saying that someone or something is the best:
You couldn't wish for a better friend.
He could not have wished for a more pleasant vacation.
wish 2 [ wıʃ ] noun count **
1. ) a feeling that you want something or want to do something:
express a wish: He'd expressed a wish to go there.
respect someone's wishes: I have to respect the wishes of my client.
against someone's wishes: She married him against her parents' wishes.
according to someone's wishes: He was buried, according to his wishes, in a private ceremony.
a ) the thing that you want to have or do:
Our one wish is to complete this job thoroughly.
get your wish: Since you have been so good, you will get your wish to have ice cream for dessert.
a last wish (=someone's final wish before they die): His last wish was to see his grandson once more.
grant someone's wish (=give someone what they want): So far we have been unable to grant her wish.
2. ) something that you hope will happen by magic or by the power of your mind:
make a wish (=think about what you want and hope that it will happen): Make a wish and then blow out the candles.
best/good wishes
used for saying that you hope something good happens to someone:
Please give them our best wishes for the happy day.
have no wish to do something
to definitely not want to do something:
We have no wish to offend anybody.
I have no wish to sell the car, and that's final.
your wish is my command HUMOROUS
used for saying you will do anything that someone wants
(with) best wishes
a friendly and polite way of ending a letter or e-mail

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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